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Discover the experts behind our product photography and client experience

Meet the crew that makes the photo magic happen! Our team has over 50 years of combined experience in shooting professional product photos. From our photographers to the editing pros giving our pics their final polish, we’ve got every aspect covered. Our collaborative workflow integrates cutting-edge technology to exceed industry expectations. 

While high-tech gear is valuable, it’s the expertise and keen eye that defines expert product photography. Every member of our production team brings a wealth of experience in capturing and editing a diverse array of products. Whether you’re dealing with a sizable project requiring hundreds of photos or a continuous flow of smaller tasks, our team is well-prepared to handle  your product photography and elevate your visual presence.

Michael Ruder Bio Pic

Michael Ruder

Managing Director

Project Manager

Brian Salazar profile pic

Brian Salazar

Marketing Director


David Rod Profile Pic

David Rod


Amy Reed Profile Pic

Amy Reed-Eimon


Photo Editor/Retoucher

Andrea Wesin Profile pic

Andrea Wesin

Photo Editor/Retoucher

Graphic Desginer

Trusting a specialized product photography studio like ProShot Media offers distinct advantages over hiring an individual photographer. While individual photographers may excel in certain aspects of photography, a dedicated studio brings a comprehensive and collaborative approach to the table. ProShot Media comprises a team of experts with diverse skills, ranging from seasoned photographers to adept editors, all working seamlessly to ensure the highest quality results for your product photography needs.


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