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Table of Contents

Food product photography is simply when the subject of a photo is a consumer food product. Food product photography is primarily used for advertising purposes.

Is Food Product Photography Effective?


With the right photo, food product photography can be extremely effective in increasing business. The intention of food product photography is to get viewers to crave the food displayed in the image. Engaging high quality photos of food products will demand attention from viewers and increase the likelihood of purchasing the food product displayed in the photo. Food product photography can also be effective in creating and maintaining brand image which can help gain customers’ trust and brand loyalty.


  • Professional food product photos create visual interest

  • People will associate the quality of the photo with the quality of the product (if your photo is low quality, they’ll think your product is low quality too.) Always use high quality photos.

  • High quality photos should showcase the details and unique features of the food product

  • Creates interest which can help increase sales

  • Can help widen your target audience

  • Visually appealing food product photography (especially on social media platforms) can increase brand exposure and reach new customers.

  • Professional food product photography can help to build a strong brand image

  • Creative high quality food product photography can help stand out from competitors

  • Food product photography can tell a story which creates an emotional connection with viewers


  • Producing high quality food product photography at a consistent pace can be time consuming and expensive.

  • With so many food products on the market, it can be difficult to continually create product photos that stand out from competitors at a consistent pace. This is why consulting with a professional photographer is useful.

  • If food product images are too heavily edited, it can mislead customers’ expectations of that product.

Choosing The Right Background for Food Product Photography


The background image of food product photography is almost as important as the food product itself. When choosing a background for your photo, make sure the background is complementary to the product being displayed and also complimentary to your brand image. Other factors to consider when choosing a background include:

  • Keeping the background simple. A clean background will put the focus on the product. A busy background can be distracting.

  • Think about the intended mood of the photo. A bright background will create a fun, playful mood while a dark background will create a more serious, elegant mood.

  • Use props sparingly. Props can help add visual interest to a photo but too many props will distract from the main subject of the photo.


Lifestyle backgrounds


Lifestyle backgrounds can help to tell a story which will create an emotional connection with viewers, but keep in mind that lifestyle backgrounds will most likely be more expensive than a white or colored background.

Service Cost


Professional service cost for food product photography ranges between $50 – $170 per photo. Other factors that contribute to service cost are the type of background, props included in the shot, if using single product photography or group product photography, and how experienced the photographer is.

While it is possible to photograph food product photography yourself, food is notoriously hard to shoot, and a professional will have more experience photographing food which will result in higher quality photos. Professional high quality food product photography is essential in increasing brand visibility and gaining customers’ trust.



Professional equipment will help you achieve high quality photos which will help increase business. Equipment for food product photography could include:

  • A high quality camera is essential for capturing clear sharp images

  • A tripod to keep the camera steady which is especially important for close up shots

  •   Professional lighting equipment

  • A range of background and props

  • Professional editing software



Professional food product photography should capture viewers’ attention. High quality food product photography can be effective in increasing sales, creating a brand image, increasing brand visibility and brand loyalty. Telling a story through captivating food photography creates an emotional connection with viewers and makes them desire the food(s) being displayed in the photo.


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