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Infographics are great at demonstrating the details of your product. They can showcase features, dimensions, before & after, or any other information that is helpful. Whether you’re looking for text, arrows, or more— we’ll add anything to enhance your photos.

Amazon Infographic design

We can add graphics to any photos— whether we took them or not.

Amazon Infographic Design for food product

We have answers.

Amazon infographics are photos that are combined with graphic elements to convey product details within Amazon product listings. Combining images, graphics and text, these infographics serve to succinctly showcase product features, benefits, and specifications in an visually engaging format. This strategic use of visuals contributes significantly to elevating the overall presentation of a product on the Amazon platform, offering potential customers a quick and comprehensible overview to aid in their purchasing decisions.

Incorporating Amazon infographics into your product listings is essential for enhancing visual appeal and conveying crucial information efficiently. These graphics, combining text, images, and icons, provide a quick and engaging overview of your product’s features and benefits. By capturing attention and facilitating easy comprehension, Amazon infographics contribute significantly to improving the overall presentation of your product on the platform, potentially influencing purchasing decisions and setting your listing apart from others.

Generally speaking, white background product images are the standard images for Amazon. Some products can work well with only white background images, other products may need more ‘style’ to differentiate them across the internet. Lifestyle images, color background images, and infographics are effective at displaying your product in unique ways. Many sellers on amazon prefer to employ infographics for a majority of their images, this provides a great user experience. A project manager at ProShot Media can help you decide what would work best for your product.

No, but it is highly recommended to increase customer experience. Amazon requires the first image on an Amazon listing to be on a pure white background (RGB color values of 255, 255, 255). You can learn more about Amazon Image requirements here

No! Our infographics can be used anywhere. Many of our clients use infographics for Etsy and their own Shopify websites. 

Our team will deliver your photos within 7 business days unless rush service is requested and paid for (25% surcharge).

No! We’ll handle all of these pre-production details for you. If you have specific actors, locations, or props in mind, we can incorporate them into the project. But, if not, we’ll tackle these logistics so your team doesn’t have to. One of our project managers will help you sort out these details.  

Any city in the U.S.! We are located in Los Angeles but 90% of our clients ship us their products from cities all over the country.  

Other popular services.

Color Background

Clean and vibrant photos of your product on an awesome colored backdrop. Perfect for Amazon, Shopify, Walmart, your own website, or any other marketplace! The colored background is the simplest way to add flavor to your product photos.

Lifestyle Images

Bring your products to life! Lifestyle photos are a great way to humanize your product and strengthen your brand’s identity. You can choose the setting, model, props, and more—we will show your product in action!

White Background

Clean and crisp photos of your product on a pure white background. Perfect for Amazon, Shopify, Walmart, or any other ecommerce site.

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