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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Facebook, renamed as Meta in 2021, is a social networking platform that can be used to advertise businesses. High quality photos and captivating descriptions that compliment your brand image can help your business stand out on Facebook. Creating professional and creative Facebook posts can help you stand out from competitors, increase brand visibility, and widen your target audience.

Why is Facebook Effective?


Facebook has over 2.963 billion active users, making the platform an excellent choice to advertise your company. Facebook ads provide effective options for your business to reach its target audience.

How to Stand Out on Facebook

  • Make sure every post has a professional high quality photo

  • Have a professional profile picture, and a professional cover photo

  • Write brief and attention grabbing descriptions

  • Post high quality, engaging content at a consistent pace

  • Make sure your posts are consistent with your brand image and brand values

  • Engage with your audience by responding to comments and messages in a timely manner

  • Encourage your audience to share their own content related to your business (photos and reviews). This creates engagement and broadens your audience

  • Use Facebook Ads to reach your targeted audience

Advantages of Being on Facebook

  • Creating a business page on Facebook is free

  • Over two billion users on Facebook makes it an excellent place to reach your targeted audience

  • Facebook provides a detailed analysis and tracks the performance of your ads.

  • Advertising on Facebook is cost effective

  • Facebook ads help brand visibility


Disadvantages of Being on Facebook


How to Make Facebook Photos Stand Out

  • Use professional high quality photos that showcase your product or services

  • Have your photos be creative but simple.

  • Experiment with a variety of high quality picture formats. For example, post a photo with a lifestyle backdrop, make the next post a picture with graphics and see which one creates more engagement.


Product Photography on Facebook


One way to create engagement on Facebook is to have professional, high quality photos of your product. Make sure all the photos you post accurately represent your brand image. This helps customers recognize your signature style and stand out from competitors.

Different photo styles require different techniques in order to stand out.

Lifestyle Photos

  • Make sure your lifestyle photos are authentic and high quality. Never use stock photos or images that don’t accurately reflect your company’s culture/values

  • Incorporate products into real-life scenarios that are relatable to your target audience

  • To ensure high quality resolution, make sure your photos are the correct size and optimized for Facebook (Facebook recommends a size of 1200 x 630 pixels)

  • Use Facebook features such as live videos, tagging, and carousel ads for your lifestyle backdrop to create engagement with your audience in various ways.

Colored Backgrounds

  • Use professional images and professional lighting for the best results

  • Use bright colors to stand out from other photos on Facebook, but make sure the colors you chose are complimentary to your brand image

  • Make sure the focus on the photo is on the product not your background. While a bright background color will make your photo stand out on Facebook, make sure the background is also simple, not distracting from the product.

  • Make sure the color theme you choose for your background is consistent across all your images. This creates a cohesive look and consistent brand image


  • Use professional high quality graphics that are visually appealing

  • Use graphics to highlight the features of your product

  • Keep graphics simple. Too many graphics are distracting

  • Make sure the graphics have a consistent style that matches your brand image

  • Test your background image on different devices and screen sizes. Make sure the graphics don’t interfere with the ability to read your profile, and content.

Advertising your Facebook Page


Facebook ads cost money, but are effective in reaching a broader target audience. The price of Facebook ads vary depending on multiple factors. One main factor is that Facebook charges based on the number of times the ad is displayed or clicks the ad receives. Other factors are target audience, competitiveness of industry, and your personal budget. Facebook’s ad costs are also dependent on the quality score your ads receive. The higher the engagement from users, the lower the cost. For more details on these cost variations, LinkedIn has an article on the topic.

How do Facebook Ads Work?


Facebook ads work by businesses running targeted ads on the platform in order to reach specific audiences. To reach a specific audience, businesses select certain factors such as age, location, and interests along with choosing an objective (brand awareness, generating leads or driving website traffic) when creating a Facebook ad. Once the ad is launched, business owners can monitor the ad’s performance and track key metrics such as clicks and conversions.

What is Facebook Marketplace?


Facebook marketplace is a platform on Facebook where users can buy and sell products and services in their local area. Sellers’ post pictures and descriptions of their product on this platform. Buyers and sellers communicate the price, pickup, and other details through Facebook messenger (found in Facebook).



To make sure your company stands out on Facebook, have high quality photos that capture the attention of your target audience. Make sure your photos are consistent and complimentary to your brand image. Using Facebook ads will help you reach and widen your target audience. Facebook ads also allow you to track key metrics that provides data to help improve your ads in order to maintain engagement with your audience and keep standing out on Facebook.


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