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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Creating a high quality company page on Linkedin can help you stand out from competitors and increase brand visibility. LinkedIn is a social networking platform specifically designed for professionals and businesses. LinkedIn can be used to recruit, job search, network, and to share industry insights and news.

Why is LinkedIn Effective?


LinkedIn is the only social media platform intended for business to business (B2B) which is effective for brand visibility. With over 900 million members, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network on the internet. LinkedIn’s members are professionals who recognize and appreciate high quality work making LinkedIn an ideal place to reach your target audience. LinkedIn is effective because users can join groups related to their industry or interests, post and engage with content, and follow companies to stay updated on their latest developments.

How to Stand Out on LinkedIn

  • Create a detailed and engaging company page. This involves creating a strong brand image and a strong description of the company (what does the company offer?)

  • Use high quality photos and videos to show your company’s products and services

  • Use keywords related to your industry to increase visibility

  • Engage with your network with a steady stream of high quality content.

  • Engage with followers. Respond to comments and messages in a timely manner.

  • Use LinkedIn ads to reach a wider audience. LinkedIn ads can also be targeted to specific demographics, job titles and industries helping to reach your ideal customers.

  • Provide genuine value to your followers, connections, and the entire LinkedIn network! ( people out!)

Advantages of Being on LinkedIn

  • A LinkedIn company page increases brand visibility

  • A LinkedIn company page showcases your company and individual employees

  • Helps promote your company’s updates and accomplishments

  • Your employees act as indirect company ambassadors

  • You will be alerted if your company is mentioned in other places on the platform

  • Networking on LinkedIn can lead to partnerships, collaborations, and business opportunities.

  • LinkedIn provides analytics to track engagement, demographics, key metrics and trends over a period of time

Disadvantages of Being on LinkedIn

  • You need to maintain a large network to be effective (this requires regular updates and engagement with followers)

  • It can be difficult to maintain a steady stream of high quality content

  • Advertising and job postings will cost money

Importance of Photography


One way to create engagement on LinkedIn is by having professional photography. LinkedIn’s members are professionals, so they’ll know if your photos are not high quality. High quality photos will show your products in an effective and attractive light. High quality photos will also contribute to creating your brand image. LinkedIn’s webpage reports that almost 70% of consumers believe product images are essential when selecting and purchasing a product.

How to Make LinkedIn Photos Stand Out


Your LinkedIn company logo and cover photo are the first thing users will see when visiting your company page. Create a memorable cover photo and logo that matches your brand image and is consistent with the logo you have on other social media platforms. LinkedIn cover photos must be 1,128 x 191px.

High quality photos on LinkedIn will help to maintain engagement with users. Depending on what products or services your business is selling, you will have to consider the best way to photograph your products.

Consider providing photographs of your team members on LinkedIn. Professional headshots or group shots of your team provides users with a sense of your team dynamic and company culture.

Different photo styles require different techniques in order to stand out.

Lifestyle Photos


Lifestyle photos are photos that capture life events, and tell a story. Lifestyle photos are a wise choice for LinkedIn because lifestyle photos can humanize your brand and create an emotional connection with viewers.

  • Make sure your lifestyle photos are authentic and high quality. Never use stock photos or images that don’t accurately reflect your company’s culture/values.

  • Lifestyle photos on LinkedIn can help show company culture, company values, and team dynamics. If your company values teamwork, consider posting a high quality photo on LinkedIn that shows your team members working together. This will give users a sense of what working in your company looks like.

  • Share high quality photos of what your company’s physical working space looks like. Sharing photos of common working areas, office space, or other unique work features will give users a better sense of what your company’s physical workspace looks like.

  • Share photos from events if your company has events. These photos will give users a better understanding of what company events are like and can help to recruit future events and networking opportunities.

  • Photos of individual employees can help personalize your company (especially if the employee is doing something that demonstrates company culture/values)

Color Backgrounds

  • Color background photos on LinkedIn can help your profile stand out and give it a more polished look.

  • Use colors that compliment your company’s brand image, company logo, website, and profile photo

  • Test your background image on different devices and screen sizes. Make sure the colors you choose don’t interfere with the ability to read your profile, and content.

  • Consider avoiding bright or neon color backgrounds. Bright colors may distract from the featured content


  • Use high quality and visually appealing graphics

  • Keep the graphics simple. Too many graphics can be distracting

  • Use graphics to highlight your brand image. This includes your company logo, company colors, and overall brand aesthetic.

  • Make sure the graphics are consistent with your brand image and company color scheme

  • Use captions to provide users with context and clarify information about the graphics being shared.

Advertising your LinkedIn Company Page


You can pay a fee on LinkedIn to promote your company page. Advertising your LinkedIn company page can increase visibility and widen your audience and  potential followers. LinkedIn provides a range of advertising options including sponsored content, sponsored InMail, and display ads.

Sharing your LinkedIn company page on other social media platforms will also increase visibility and encourage followers. Collaborating with industry leaders or influencers along with using relevant hashtags to your LinkedIn posts will also increase visibility and encourage followers.

Engaging with your audience by responding to messages and comments, sharing relevant content, and asking for feedback in a timely manner will also build relationships and encourage followers.



LinkedIn is the only social media platform intended for business to business (B2B) which promotes brand visibility. Consider your target audience when deciding if LinkedIn is the right social media for you. LinkedIn’s members are professionals which can lead to potential business opportunities that may not be possible on other platforms. Having high quality content, professional photos, and consistent engagement with users will help your LinkedIn company page stand out from competitors.


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