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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

High quality attention grabbing photos on Pinterest can help you stand out from competitors, and widen your target audience. When promoting your brand on Pinterest make sure you have a Pinterest business account to be able to analyze the data analytics of your posts and access special content formats (something you can’t do with a personal account).

What are Pinterest Users Looking For


It is always important to understand what your target audience is looking for. Most people go on Pinterest to get further inspiration about the image/idea they already have in mind. Pinterest is an effective marketing strategy because if your product matches their idea/image they will be more inclined to make a purchase.

How to Stand Out on Pinterest


To help make your business Pinterest account stand out from the high volume of competitors on the platform:

  • Create attention grabbing high quality photos or videos

  • Have a brief and concise description with each pin

  • Post high quality content consistently!

  • Make sure your Pinterest Profile is complete and up to date (Have a profile picture that represents your brand and a profile description that uses relevant keywords to help users find your content)

  • Engage with your audience by replying to comments and messages promptly and sincerely

  • Install and validate Pinterest Rich Pins (this is a Pinterst feature that shows metadata and increases engagement. For more information about rich pins, visit

  • Join Group Boards to increase your target audience

Advantages of Being on Pinterest

  • Unique Pinterest features such as rich pins and group boards help widen your target audience

  • Posting on Pinterest can increase brand visibility

  • With the right attention-grabbing, high quality photos, Pinterest can help to increase your target audience

  • Pinterest provides features that makes it easy to track data and analytics

  • Pinterest is an ideal platform for showcasing visually appealing content


How to Make Pinterest Photos Stand Out

  • Professional high quality photos on Pinterest is essential because Pinterest is a visual based platform

  • Use vertical images rather than horizontal (This is because vertical photos take up more space which makes it more likely to gain attention from users)

  • Add descriptive text to posts in easy to read font to help users and maintain engagement

  • Incorporate your brand colors and logo so your brand name and look is recognizable to users

 How to Make Pinterest Videos Stand Out

  • Make sure your video is high quality, visually appealing, and engaging

  • Keep videos short and to the point. Pinterest has a video maximum of one minute

  • Start the video with an attention grabbing and visually appealing look/feature

  • Incorporate your brand logo, and brand colors into the video

  • Use captions to help readers and increase engagement

  • Make sure your video is optimized for mobile viewing as the majority of Pinterest users view the platform through a mobile device


Product Photography on Pinterest


Pinterest is an effective platform to promote product photography due to the platform being visually focused. To make sure your product photography stands out from competitors, consider what factors (such as backgrounds and props) will highlight your product the best. Will a lifestyle background or color background compliment your product the best?

Different photo styles require different techniques in order to stand out.

Lifestyle Photos

  • Make sure your lifestyle photos are authentic and high quality. Never use stock photos or images that don’t accurately reflect your company’s culture/values

  • Incorporate products into real-life scenarios that are relatable to your target audience

  • To ensure high quality resolution, make sure your photos are the correct size and optimized for Pinterest (Pinterest recommends a size of 1000 x 1500 pixels with a 2:3 aspect ratio)


Color Background Product Photos

  • Vibrant colors tend to perform better on Pinterest so consider using vibrant, eye catching colors (that also highlights your product and brand image)

  • Use professional images and professional lighting for the best results

  • Make sure the colors you chose are complimentary with your brand image

  • Keep it simple, a solid color or gradient background is less distracting and keeps the focus on the subject



  • Use high quality graphics. Never use blurry or pixelated graphics

  • Use vibrant, attention grabbing colors for the graphics

  • Use simple graphics to prevent distraction

  • Make sure your graphics are easy to read

  • Be consistent with the style of your graphics and make sure they compliment your product and brand image

Advertising your Pinterest Page


Due to the high competition on Pinterest, advertising your brand both on and outside of Pinterest can help you stand out from competitors.

Consider these features to help advertise your brand:

  • Create high quality content at a consistent pace

  • Use Pinterest ads to promote your brand and increase visibility

  • Install and validate Pinterest Rich Pins (this is a Pinterst feature that shows metadata and increases engagement. For more information about rich pins, visit .)

  • Use buyable pins (this allows users to make purchases without leaving the site)

  • Optimize your content for Pinterest lens (this is a visual search tool that finds visually related products)

  • Use Pinterest analytics to see what areas could be improved upon

  • Make sure your Pinterest profile is complete with a profile picture, bio and website link that showcases your brand image

  • Collaborate with other similar Pinterests businesses (join Group Boards, share content, and promote each other’s pages) to increase your target audience

  • Promote your Pinterest page on other social media platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to increase your target audience

Disadvantages of Being on Pinterest

  • Posting high quality content at a consistent pace can be time consuming and costly.

  • Pinterest’s algorithm can sometimes be unpredictable causing fluctuations in engagement and reach

  • The majority of Pinterest users are women and younger people so if this isn’t your target audience, Pinterest may not be an effective choice.

Why is Pinterest Effective?


People on pinterest (over 400 million) have a general idea of what they’re looking for when they search on the platform. This means a distinct brand image and relevant keywords are crucial to reaching your target audience. The majority of users browse Pinterest to get inspiration, so if your product is similar to the image/aesthetic they’re desiring, Pinterest can be an effective marketing strategy.  Pinterest Posts (referred to as “pins” on Pinterest) also have a long lifespan due to new users, and users sharing content which is effective in widening your audience.



Creating high quality, attention-grabbing photos and videos that resonate with your target audience will help you stand out on Pinterest and widen your target audience. Pinterest’s unique features such as rich pins, data analysis features, buyable pins, and Pinterest lens makes Pinterest an ideal place to promote your brand and reach your target audience.


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