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Table of Contents

INDD files explained


An InDesign Document (INDD), is a file created when using Adobe InDesign, a desktop publishing program used for creating print and digital documents such as magazines, flyers, and books. INDD files typically include text, shapes, images, and other design elements.

To open an INDD file, users must first have Adobe InDesign installed on their computer. To share INDD files with individuals who do not have access to InDesign, convert it into a PDF or another file type

A notable INDD file feature is their ability to support multiple pages within a single document. This allows for the creation of longer documents such as magazines and books without having to manage working with separate files for each page. Overall, INDD files offer powerful design capabilities for creating professional-looking documents and publications.

History of the INDD file


The first version of Adobe InDesign was released in 1999, introducing .indd file extensions within the program. Over the years, InDesign has become a valuable tool for professionals in industries such as publishing, graphic design, and marketing.

In recent years, advances in technology have allowed InDesign to expand beyond traditional print design and incorporate digital publishing options. InDesign now offers support for HTML, EPUB, and other digital formats in addition to print documents. As InDesign continues to evolve, the INDD file format remains a key component of its capabilities for creating high-quality designs for both print and digital media.

What is it used for?


INDD files are primarily used for creating print and digital documents such as magazines, flyers, books, brochures, and presentations. InDesign also offers features for creating interactive elements for digital documents such as animations and buttons.

In addition to document creation, INDD files can also be used for editing preexisting layouts or designs. This allows for the customization of templates or other design assets.


INDD files are also ideal for designing e-publications, online newsletters, and presentations. It’s easy to incorporate video, animations, and other graphics alongside static boxes.


InCopy is a related program to InDesign that is used for writing and editing text within INDD files. It allows multiple users, such as writers and editors, to collaborate on the same document without interfering with the design elements in the INDD file.

File size

The file size of an INDD document can vary greatly depending on the content included in the file. Factors such as the number of pages, amount and resolution of images, and use of fonts and links can all affect the overall file size. Generally speaking, file sizes are too large to send via text or email.

Can I open an INDD file in Photoshop?


No, INDD files can only be opened and edited using Adobe InDesign. However, you can export an INDD file as a PDF file for editing in Photoshop. Keep in mind that some design elements may not translate perfectly when exporting from InDesign.

Vector or raster?


INDDs are vector files. Vector files are Complex graphs that can be scaled without losing resolution. Raster files, made from pixels, lose definition when they’re enlarged. Although, INDD files can contain raster files within them, such as photographs. These pixel-based images cannot be scaled without losing resolution.

How to open an INDD file

  1. To open an INDD file, you must have Adobe InDesign installed on your computer. The program can be downloaded as part of the Creative Cloud subscription or purchased as standalone software.

  2. Once InDesign is installed, simply double-click on the INDD file or open it within the program by going to File > Open. If you are opening a previous version of the INDD file, InDesign may prompt you to update the file before opening.

  3. It is important to note that some older versions of InDesign may not support INDD files saved in newer versions. In this case, you can either update your program or save the INDD file as an IDML file, which can be opened in older versions of InDesign.

If you do not have InDesign installed on your computer, there are limited options for viewing INDD files. One option is to download a free trial of InDesign and open the file during the trial period. Another option is to use a file conversion service to convert the INDD file into a different format, such as PDF or JPG, which can be viewed using other programs. However, keep in mind that these conversions may result in some loss of formatting and design elements.

Overall, the best option for opening and editing INDD files is to use Adobe InDesign. It offers the most comprehensive capabilities for creating and editing high-quality print and digital designs.


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