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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Product Photography Pricing Chart

Product photography can cost between $29 to $1,000 per photo depending on the complexity of the project. Simple white background images typically cost between $25-$50 while lifestyle images can cost a few thousand dollars. A commercial shoot can cost $3,000 – $10,000 for a full day.

There are many different pricing methods to look at before you can determine how much you should pay for product photography.


Why Product Photography Is Important


Product photos are usually the most important variable of your product page. This is why investing in quality product photos is a crucial step to selling your product on the internet. Beyond improving your sales, professional photography has the potential to enhance other aspects of your business:

Your brand’s first impression – Your images will usually make your brand’s first impression. The easiest way to give off a professional and positive impression is with professionally shot product photos.

Showcasing your professionalism – A brand can appear more trustworthy and reliable by investing in high quality photos. Attention to detail inspires trust and gives off the impression of professionalism.

Brand Recognition- Product photos are a great way to represent your brand’s identity. It’s an opportunity to express your brand’s aesthetics and values.


Hiring A Service (freelancer vs studio)


There are two common approaches to hiring a product photographer. You can hire a freelancer or get your photos done by a full-service studio. Both approaches have their pros and cons, but your decision will ultimately come down to your unique situation.

Pros of hiring a freelancer

  • ‘Boutique’ Styles – Some freelancers have spent years developing their own niche ‘boutique’ styles that can make your brand stand out in a unique style.

  • Proximity – If you are not able to ship your product to a studio, hiring a freelancer to travel to you may be your only option.

  • Price Discount – Some inexperienced freelancers are willing to offer low prices to attract their first customers.


Cons of hiring a freelancer

  • No Studio/Logistical Inconvenience – Many freelancers work out of their home which may create logistical issues and uncomfortable situations.

  • Unreliable Schedule – Some freelancers may have their schedule fully booked for a few months at a time.

  • Not Specialists – Many freelance photographers are not experts in product photography. They most likely focus on other projects as well, such as wedding photography and portraits.

  • Limited Options – A freelance photographer may not be able to fulfill all the photography needs of your online business. For example, Amazon product listings require infographics that are done by a graphic designer.

  • Expensive Minimum Orders – Freelancers usually have minimum time requirements which means small orders are either not a possibility or are overpriced.

  • Slow Turnaround Time – A one man band has its limitations. Considering that Editing is usually the most time consuming part of the process, a freelancer’s turnaround time is unpredictable.

  • Uncertain Skills – Product photography has many ‘sub sections’. Different types of products require different processes for professional results. A photographer that has experience shooting beverage bottles will not be familiar with the process of shooting clothing.

  • Poor Editing – Proper product photography is heavily reliant on editing. Most freelance photographers only include basic editing in their base fees, but it is usually unclear what extent their editing skills can go to.


Pros of a Full-Service Studio

  • High Bandwidth – A studio that specializes in product photography understands the in’s and outs of shooting products. They can handle all types of products, styles, any size or quantity of product.

  • Cost-Effective – These services concentrate only on product photography, which lets them charge less than freelance photographers. Because their system runs smoothly with fewer changes, unexpected costs rarely come up.

  • Guaranteed results – A full service studio usually has a robust portfolio of their previous work so you can have clear expectations.

  • Quick Turnaround – More editors + photographers = faster turnaround . Simple as that.

  • Props and Additions – Most services have a stock of in-house props you can choose from. They are also likely to have a wide range of backdrops, settings and models for your shoot.

  • Easy Process – Photography services have multiple photographers and editors dedicated to the studio’s clients. No complicated logistics necessary.


Cons of a Full-Service Studio

  • Shipping Costs – Heavy and large products may be expensive to ship to the studio.


In conclusion, a studio is usually a better option besides these two instances:

  1. You are unable to ship your products to a studio.
  2. You know of a photographer that specializes in a very specific style that is hard to replicate by a studio.

Methods of Pricing


There are four common pricing models that are used by both freelance photographers and full-service studios: per photo, hour, day, or product.

  1. Per Photo – $25-$299 The “per photo” pricing structure is a model widely adopted by both freelance photographers and full-service studios. It can be either “price per photo taken’ or ‘price per photo chosen’. In other words some services or freelancers may take many photos and allow you to pick which photos you would like to use and pay for. Other service providers will charge you for the exact photos you choose before the shoot. This price typically includes basic retouching/editing, but does not always account for additional costs such as models, location rentals, equipment rentals, advanced editing. This pricing model usually involves a discount when quantity increases.                                                                                             
  2. Per Hour – $50-$300/hour Per Hour pricing is generally used by freelancers. A photographer will charge you based on the amount of hours worked. This usually includes time spent photographing and editing. It is important to note that editing usually takes the most time. On average, editing time is double of shooting time. Some photographers will charge a ‘setup’ fee in addition to their hourly rate. Per hour pricing is difficult to budget because there are many uncertain variables. This makes planning and budgeting difficult.

  3. Per Day – $500-$3,000/day Some studios and freelancers may prefer to charge a ‘day rate’ instead of hourly. This means you are paying a flat fee for a day (can be 5-12 hours) to achieve whatever results you are looking for.

    Typically, the day rate does not include other fees such as editing, props, locations.

    Half-day rates are also available sometimes but it is important to keep in mind that timing can be hard to predict. It is important to communicate specific deliverables and requirements. It also helpful to spend time communicating about pricing and additional fees before the shoot,

    This pricing model is typically used for commercial and advertising photoshoots

  4. Per Product (per SKU) – $30-$500 Per product pricing means you will be charged a flat fee per product you want photographed. With this model, different kinds of products usually have different prices. For example, shooting perfume bottles may be more expensive than shooting candy bars. Additional fees may be added to the invoice as well.

    This is the least common pricing method used by both freelancers and studios. It is often not straightforward and can be confusing or misleading. It is important to communicate how many images and what style of images will be provided in the delivery as this can be ambiguous.


Amazon Product Photography Pricing


Amazon product photography is generally priced like any other product photography but there are a few things to note:

  1. Amazon Packages – A few studios offer ‘packages’ of 7 images that are optimized for Amazon listings. These sometimes include infographics and lifestyle images. Their pricing can range from $500-$3,500.

  2. Amazon Infographics – Besides white background images infographics are the most common images found on Amazon listings. They combine graphic design and photography to showcase the details/benefits of products. Most product photographers or studios do not offer this service as it requires the effort of an experienced graphic designer.

  3. Lifestyle photography – Lifestyle photography is a very popular choice among amazon listings because it can show the product being used. Due to the expensive nature of lifestyle photography, a few service providers offer affordable, alternative solutions.  Such services include Lifestyle Composite Photography which involves an experienced photographer and editor to capture and edit a product into an appropriate stock image.


Product Photography Price List


The most basic and least expensive type of product photography offered by ProShot Media are white background photos starting at $29 . The most expensive are lifestyle photos which can start at $69 and increase towards $10,000 depending on locations and models.

Here are the different types of photography offered by ProShot Media:

$29 – White Background

$29 – Color Background

$69 – Lifestyle

$99 – Amazon Infographic

ProShot Media offers a tiered pricing model, here is what the discount looks like:


ProShot Media Bulk Pricing Discount Chart

Additional Costs – Depending on the complexity of your pictures, there may be additional costs such as a location rental, hiring a model(s), hiring a stylist, additional editing.

If you want to learn more about our pricing, you can explore our pricing page.

Comparing Product Photography Price Lists


Let’s compare the price lists of three other product photography full-service studios:


Pricing Method – Per Photo (Choose which photos you like)

Price – All photos start at $39 with additional fees for basic retouching, props, and others.

Caveats – Limited options, do not have advanced editing capabilities, do no do shoots on location, no amazon infographics, shots are not polished and precise

Products on White Photography

Pricing Method – Per Photo + Per Day

Price – White backgrounds start at $25, Lifestyle starts at $150 or $2,500 per day.

Caveats – High costs for basic retouching/product positioning, Amazon infographics are not elegant.

Pricing Method – Per photo

Price – White background: Starts at $59, Lifestyle starts at $295

Caveats – Very expensive option

What Goes Into the Cost of Product Photography


The cost of photography is associated with the complexity of the desired images. White background shots are generally simple and inexpensive. On the other hand, lifestyle photography can be very complex and expensive.

Here are some of the fees that go in to the cost of product photography:

Personnel – Photographers, photo assistants, stylists, retouchers, models, and project managers are typical personnel required for a successful professional photoshoot.

Studio Fees – Rent, insurance, equipment

Location – Renting a location is usually the most expensive cost of a lifestyle shoot. Renting a location can range from $500 to $2,000 a day.

Product Type – The characteristics of your product has a large impact on the complexity of your shoot. For example, transparent or reflective products require extra attention to achieve professional results.

Miscellaneous Personnel – Makeup artists and graphic designers

What To Keep In Mind When Hiring A Photographer

  1. The price of product photos is directly related to the complexity of the desired photos

  2. Hiring a freelance photographer is ‘riskier’ than a full service studio. There is more uncertainty, inconvenience and unexpected costs.

  3. Pricing per photo is the most straightforward and predictable pricing method

  4. Pricing per product or SKU is ambiguous and not an ideal pricing strategy




Why are lifestyle images difficult to price?

It is impossible to put a price on a lifestyle photoshoot without determining exactly what will be required for the photoshoot.

Lifestyle product photos involve many creative variables that can greatly increase the cost of production. Some of the costs are location rentals, models, transportation, extra equipment, and other additional costs that are associated with shooting ‘on location’ or outside of the typical studio.

Sometimes shooting on location is not necessary, and the set can be replicated in a studio. In these situations, lifestyle images are far less expensive.

How much should I pay for product photography?

This depends on your product, brand and goals. Some businesses require many creative photos to remain competitive. Other businesses require infographics to demonstrate how their products work. Those businesses should be willing to pay more than a business that only requires simple white background photos.

How much does product photography cost in 2023?

Product photography can cost between $29 to $1,000 per photo depending on the complexity of the project. Simple white background images typically cost between $29-$50 while lifestyle images can cost a few thousand dollars. A commercial shoot can cost $3,000 – $10,000 for a full day.

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