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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Group product photography is used to show a range/collection of products in a single image. Group product photography is when multiple products are featured in one photo.

Displaying your products in group photos can effectively depict your items, instilling confidence in online shoppers regarding their purchases. For online sellers, the use of group product photos is crucial in presenting a comprehensive view of their products, leveraging various angles, colors, or expressions within a single shot.

Is Group Product Photography Effective?


Group product photography is effective in showing product collections, and/or the range of products that your company offers in a single image. Group product photography allows customers to see the variety of products you provide in a single photo rather than having to view multiple photos. Group photography is also effective in showcasing your brand image, and creating visual interest. For example, if your company sells shirts in seven different colors, a single photo showing all 7 colored shirts gives customers a better idea of what your company offers.

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  • Shows your company’s collections and range of products in a single photo

  • High quality group product photos create visual interest

  • Provides information about the colors, sizes and materials

  • Showcases your brand’s image and identity

  • Can be more cost-effective than individual product photography

  • If your products are meant to be sold in a set or used together, group photography can show how these products are supposed to be used together

  • If done effectively, group product photography can be an aesthetically pleasing display that will increase appeal and attract customers


  • Too many products featured in a single photo may create a confusing image, making it difficult for customers to focus on the specifics of the products.

  • Group photos may be difficult from start to finish for amateurs.

  • Group photography is not suitable for all products. Unique product features may not be visible in a group product photo. If you’re trying to showcase intricate details of your product, then individual product photography is a better choice.

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Service Cost


Professional service costs for group product photography can vary greatly depending how many products are going to be in the photo, the location, equipment required, and the complexity of the shot. If props are used in the photo, this will also add to the cost. Professional services for group product photography start around $100 and can go up to a few thousand dollars. Consult specific needs with professional photographers to get direct quotes.

You can learn more about our pricing here.



Equipment required for high quality group product photos depend on the vision you have in mind for the photos. Professional cameras, professional lighting, and professional post-production editing is a must. Consider what background your photos require, and make sure the background(s) compliments your products. Consider if your products require props such as food, decorations, mannequins, or stands.



Group product photography is an excellent choice for showing a range of your products in one photo. Group product photography is effective because customers only have to look at a single photo to gain a better understanding of what your brand offers. When deciding if group product photography is right for you, consider if it is worth the extra cost and what key features of your products may be lost if featured in a group product photo. If selling collections, a range of color options, or complimentary products then group product photography may be a wise choice.


What is group product photography?

Group product photos are when you take a picture of many items together. For online sellers, it’s a way to show products in one picture, using different angles and colors to make them look good and help customers feel more sure about buying them.

How to do a group photoshoot?

To conduct a group product photoshoot, follow these steps:

1. Prep your products. Collect all the items you want to feature in the photoshoot. Ensure they are clean and well-presented.

2. Select a well-lit and spacious area for your photoshoot. Consider using a clean background or setting that complements your products.

3. Use natural light or studio lighting.

4. Arrange the products in an aesthetically pleasing way. Pay attention to spacing, angles, and the overall composition. Experiment with different layouts until you find the most appealing arrangement.

5. Consider adding props or accessories to enhance the overall look. However, make sure the focus remains on the products you’re showcasing.

6. Take photos from various angles to showcase different perspectives of the group. This helps customers get a comprehensive view of the products.

8. After the shoot, edit the photos to enhance colors, sharpness, and overall quality. Make sure the edited images accurately represent your products.

9. Crop or resize the photos as per the requirements of your online platform. Ensure the images are clear and attractive for potential customers.

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