What is Lifestyle Photography?

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Table of Contents

The aim of lifestyle photography is to tell a story. Typically, this shows a product in use. Lifestyle photography creates an emotional connection with viewers and prolongs engagement.

A Lifestyle photograph tells a story by capturing real life events.

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Is Lifestyle Product Photography Effective?

Lifestyle photography allows you to create a story that inspires viewers. This style is effective because it creates an emotional connection with viewers and causes them to desire the items in the photo. For example, a picture of a person holding a steaming mug inspires customers to buy that mug in order to recreate that cozy feeling captured in the photo.


  • Draws engagement from the viewer

  • Creates an emotional connection with the customer

  • Focuses on selling a “type” of lifestyle


  • It can be more costly than alternative types of photography

  • Lifestyle photography can be very time consuming unless executed by a professional

  • A lifestyle backdrop could distract from the subject of the photo


Cost of Lifestyle Photography

The cost of  professional lifestyle photography varies greatly, the average range price is between $200 to $1000 per image. To ensure satisfaction with your lifestyle photos, have a clear vision about the photos in mind. If the photo requires a hand model, pricing is around $30. If your photo requires a custom made scene, you will need to include the cost for every prop used, and this will most likely result in a significant price increase. You can learn more about the reasoning behind these costs at Skylinefba.com.

There is also the option of hiring props and taking the photo yourself, but keep in mind hiring professional services results in higher quality photos which increases sales.


The equipment you will need for lifestyle photography depends on the type of setting you intend to have, and the style of the photo you are envisioning. Some photographers shoot lifestyle photography with high quality mirrorless cameras while others use vintage film cameras. To get inspiration about what equipment you prefer, Shotkit.com chronicled what is in several lifestyle photographers’ camera bags.

Professional lighting is also a necessity in achieving engaging lifestyle photos. Proper lighting ensures a professional tone and allows customers to see the product’s details.

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Lifestyle Photography in Product Photography

If trying to decide to go with lifestyle photography for your product photography, consider what platform you intend to sell on. A lifestyle photograph may help sales on platforms such as Instagram and Etsy where lifestyle photos create more engagement with viewers. Alternatively, lifestyle photography may not be necessary on platforms such as eBay where white backdrops are most popular. You can view our lifestyle portfolio here.


The aim of lifestyle photography is to tell a story. To decide if lifestyle photography is the right choice for your photo, consider what the intentions of your photo are. Will your subject stand out if there is a lifestyle backdrop? Will investing in a lifestyle photograph help your sales? Lifestyle photography creates an emotional connection with viewers and prolongs engagement.


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