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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

A PDF, or Portable Document Format, is a file format commonly used for professional documents such as contracts, reports, brochures, press releases, and personal documents. It was developed by Adobe in 1993 and is now an international standard maintained by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). PDF files can contain text, graphics, embedded fonts, and other elements, and can be easily shared and viewed on a variety of devices without the need for special software or fonts. PDFs also have various security features that allow for restricted access and password protection.

When to use


PDFs are often used for digital documentation, as they can be viewed on many devices and softwares. PDFs can also be used to create forms that can be filled out electronically. In addition, PDFs are also widely used for printable documents, as they maintain their formatting and layout regardless of the printer being used. Finally, PDFs can also be password protected, making them ideal for sharing sensitive information. Whether you’re sharing documentation or printables, PDFs are a versatile file format that can be used in a variety of situations.

When to avoid


There are a few situations where you should avoid using a PDF. For example, if you need to make changes to a document frequently, it’s better to use a Word or a text file that can be easily edited. PDFs are also not ideal for web pages – they can have long loading times, and they’re not as easy to navigate as HTML pages.



One great thing about PDF files is that they’re very scalable. This means that you can increase or decrease the size of the font without losing any of the quality of the document. This is perfect for when you need to make a presentation or print out a document to share with others. You can be sure that everyone will be able to read it, no matter what size they need it to be. Additionally, because pdf files are so versatile, you can easily add or remove pages as needed. This makes them ideal for sharing large documents that may nee d to be updated regularly. Whether you’re working on a project with colleagues or simply want to keep documents organized, pdf files are a great option.



PDFs are great because they’re compatible with nearly every device and operating system. You can create them on a PC, Mac, or even your smartphone. There are many programs that will allow you to edit a PDF. However, one downside of PDFs is that they’re not always easy to edit. If you need to make changes to the text or layout of a PDF, it can be time-consuming and difficult to do so. But overall, PDFs are a great way to share documents because they’re so versatile and compatible with nearly any device.

File size


One downside of PDF files is that they can be quite large. This can make them difficult to attach to emails or upload to websites. Fortunately, there are several ways to reduce the size of a PDF file. For example, you can compress the file, remove unnecessary data, or delete unused pages. By taking one or more of these steps, you can make your PDF files more manageable.

Password protection


By password-protecting your PDFs, you can help to ensure that only authorized users can view the contents of the file. There are a few different methods you can use to password protect a PDF, but one of the most effective is to use a tool like PDFelement. With PDFelement, you can easily add a password to any PDF file, as well as set restrictions on how the file can be used. For example, you can prevent the file from being printed or copied, or you can require that a password be entered before the file can be opened. By taking these simple steps, you can help to keep your PDF files safe from unauthorized access.

Raster or vector?


A PDF file can be either a raster or a vector file. It all depends on how the PDF was created and how it’s being used. If the PDF was created from a scanned image, then it is a raster file. However, if the PDF was created in a vector program like Adobe Illustrator, then it is a vector file. PDF files are often used for printing because they are resolution-independent, meaning they will look the same no matter what printer and size is used. So, when you’re looking at a PDF file, it’s hard to tell whether it’s raster or vector just by looking at it. You’ll need to know how it was created to know for sure.

more about raster and vector files…



When it comes to pdf compression options, there are a few things to consider. First, what is the goal of compression? Are you looking to save space on your hard drive, or are you trying to reduce the file size for emailing or uploading? Depending on your needs, there are different compression options available. For instance, if you’re mostly concerned with saving space, then Lossless compression is a good option. This type of compression doesn’t sacrifice any quality, so you can be sure that your file will look just as good as the original. However, Lossless compression can often result in only a small reduction in file size. If you need to make a significant reduction, then Lossy compression may be a better choice. This type of compression does sacrifice some quality, but it can often achieve much greater reductions in file size. So, when it comes to pdf compression options, it’s important to consider your goals and choose the option that’s right for you.


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