Is Your Amazon Listing Not Converting? How To Stand Out on Amazon

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Amazon has over 300 million active customer accounts and 1.9 million selling partners worldwide (Quaker). With so many businesses competing for customer attention, it is important that your listing stands out.

You are going to have to learn the tips and tricks of this platform in order to beat out the competition. We can provide you with information concerning high quality photos and clear product descriptions.

In this article, you will learn the steps necessary to achieve these things and more. We will teach your company how to be a success when advertising on Amazon.

Why Amazon is an Effective Platform


Amazon has over 300 million customers shopping in their stores worldwide. It is also considered the #2 Most trusted brand in America according to Morning Consult, 2020.

With that kind of user base, there is no reason why your Amazon listing shouldn’t be making your product fly off the shelves. It all comes down to how well your listing stands out on Amazon

How to Stand Out on Amazon

  1. Do product research. What do competitors’ product descriptions and pictures look like? What is the tone (professional or relaxed)? What is included in the product description? What isn’t included?

  2. Make your photo stand out from competitors. What do competitors’ photos look like? Are they professional shots? What kind of professional photos do they use? Is there more than one photo provided? What is working well? What isn’t working?

These are important questions. Take the time to answer them thoughtfully.

Use SEO keywords in your product title and description.

Find terms that customers will use to find products similar to your and include them. Your products will come up more frequently when customers navigate the site.

Use this information to create content that stands out from your competitors.

How to Make Photos Stand out on Amazon


High quality photographs are the best way to go for many reasons. 1.It builds the credibility of your business. 2. It shows off your product in the most accurate and attractive way.  Displaying product dimensions and features is another helpful thing to do help potential customers make an informed purchase

Different photo styles require different techniques in order to stand out.


Lifestyle Photos:

  • Show your product in use. This helps create the story you are trying to convey.

  • Pick props that complement your product

  • Use natural light

  • Include a model or hand model

Color Backgrounds:

  • Consider what color background will make your product stand out

  • Keep the colors simple. Use a solid color background or simple pattern backdrop to prevent distractions.

  • Use the same color scheme across all of your images. This helps create your brand image.

  • Consider what tone you want for the photos. Bright colors create an energetic tone. Soft colors create a calm tone.

With Graphics:

  • Have graphics that highlight the features of your products (for example, if your store sells soap, use graphics to show the different scents available).

  • Use graphics that will compliment brand image.

  • Be creative but simplistic when using graphics.

  • Think outside the box visually but avoid using too many graphics.

  • Too many graphics is overwhelming to customers and will harm sales.

  • Use graphics that have a coherent color scheme


How to Effectively Advertise on Amazon


Due to the large number of sellers on Amazon, you may need to advertise your product outside of Amazon in addition to advertising on Amazon.

Consider what will stand out on Amazon, and what will stand out on the other platforms you are advertising on. What stands out on Amazon differs from what will stand out on Instagram or Google. Make sure your listings all have the same tone and color scheme.

Other factors that will help advertise your Amazon store effectively are:

  • Offering discounts and promotions. Customers love a sale.

  • Use social media as an advertising platform for your business. Create posts that direct viewers to your Amazon store. Collaborate with influencers to increase sales.

  • Email marketing.

  • Newsletters that show new products or upcoming discounts create engagement.


Advantages of Amazon

  • Eliminates the hassle of building your own website

  • Easy to set up your own Amazon account and product placements

  • Easy to maintain and manipulate your own Amazon account and product placements

  • Amazon is a trusted brand which ensures trust and reliability in customers

  • Amazon has an established payment system (removing the hassle of setting up your own)

  • Amazon’s customer and client base is always growing

  • Products available on Amazon are accessible to anyone in the world for purchase and delivery


Disadvantages of Amazon

  • Amazon fees involve a $40.00 monthly subscription fee if you sell more than 40 items in that time. A fee of $0.99 is taken out on every order when less than 40 items are purchased monthly

  • Amazon shipping rates apply when fulfilling product orders yourself. For product orders that Amazon completes for you (known as Fulfillment by Amazon, or FBA), there are fees for order fulfillment, storage, and optional services.

  • Amazon is a large website which may cause brand image issues (people will remember they bought your product on Amazon, they probably won’t remember your store name).

  • There is extremely high competition on Amazon

  • You will still have to advertise your company outside of Amazon to ensure potential buyers



Amazon’s low risk and low maintenance platform for all kinds of products appeals to sellers and buyers. Amazon allows customers to have a trusting relationship with new companies on the website.

Although Amazon is increasingly competitive, a cohesive brand image, a memorable store name, high quality photos, and advertising on and outside of Amazon will help your brand, your company, and your product stand out. Having the right kind of product photos can make the difference when making a sale. Good luck!


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