Why is Your Instagram Account Not Converting?

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Instagram is the 8th most visited website in the world with 4.25 billion total visits a month (Newberry). With there being so much foot traffic associated with this platform, It is important that your account stands out.

With the sheer number of active users on this platform, tons of people with influencer accounts are making a hefty profit on Instagram. We can teach you the tips and tricks needed to make some profits of your own.

Why Instagram is an Effective Platform


Instagram is effective because visual content is the best way to connect with audiences and build a following. It all comes down to how you present yourself in the content you post online.

As of October 2022, Instagram is the 4th most used social media platform with 1.386 billion accounts. This showcases Instagram as the best platform when wanting to engage with various audiences and demographic groups at the same time.

How to Stand Out on Instagram


1. Gather research from successful influencer accounts. 

This involves looking at the quality and quantity of content so as to have a better understanding of what audiences react to. Look at what themes are present and use that to figure out what themes you want to include as part of your content.

2. Build an account bio that presents your purpose and tells audiences why they should care. 

This is an opportunity to provide audiences with the window view of who you are as a person. Include things that highlight you in the best way possible. Make sure to add things that will be relatable to your audience.

3. Learn how to make your content stand out from other accounts. 

What does the content on other accounts look like? What kind of photos do they use? What kind of video reels do they use? Are they professional or amateur shots? What hashtags do they use? What is working well? What isn’t working?

4. Create captions for your posts that are clear, concise, and invoke an emotional response for audiences.

What do content captions on other accounts look like? What is included in the caption? What isn’t included? What is the tone (professional or relaxed)? What message are they trying to get across in their captions? Is it effective? Why or why not?

These are all important questions. Take the time to answer them thoughtfully

5. Use SEO keywords in the account bio, the content captions, and any hashtags that are included. 

Find terms that other accounts similar to yours have used and include them. Your account will come up more frequently when others navigate the platform or when searching for content types alike to your accounts’.

Use this information to create content that stands out from competitors.

How to Make Photos & Video Reels Stand out on Instagram

  1. Make sure all of the photos and video reels on your Instagram account follow a similar theme and have a coordinated style. This helps create an overarching subject matter, which adds to your credibility as an influencer, and it makes it easier for the intended audience to find your account. This will also help in keeping the audiences’ attention as they will keep coming back for new content.

  2. Decide what message you are trying to send with your content.

  3. Then, figure out ways to share that with various photos and video reels.

Different content styles require different techniques


Product Sales Account:

  • Provide High- quality photos of the product from several angles. The same goes for using video reels

  • Provide a clear and concise caption to your posts that include product dimensions, price, and links for where products can be purchased

  • Implement cohesive color schemes and brand logos so the audience can build product recognition

  • Include content of the product in action so the audience has a clear understanding of the product’s purpose

  • Hold contests to build audience participation and awareness for your product

Lifestyle Accounts:

  • Show the audience where you are and what you are doing. This helps create the story and themes you are trying to convey.

  • Pick props that complement the story you are building in your content.

  • Use natural light when taking pictures or filming. No one wants to watch dark or blurry content

  • Consider what tone you want for the content. Bright colors create an energetic tone. Soft colors create a calm tone.

  • Use high quality images and video reels in order to best capture what is happening

Entertainment Accounts:

  • Consider what your target audience is so as to pick the best form of entertainment for your content.

  • Be bold and think outside the box. The more creative or captivating the content, the better

  • Keep content simple at the core and stay on message. While it is good to be extravagant, content must also be reliable in order for audiences to keep coming back

  • Use the same entertainment themes across all of your images and video reels. This helps create your influencer brand

Educational  Accounts:

  • Provide information that stays consistent with the subject matter

  • Make sure that content is paired with a clear and concise caption for audiences

  • Keep it punchy and entertaining in some way. No likes having boring facts just thrown at them

  • Be creative yet simple when providing information. Think outside the box visually but avoid confusion or overcomplexity. Video reels in particular can be overwhelming for audiences if there is too much going on

  • Have content that highlights the themes or subject matter of your account in different ways

(For example, if you are trying to inform people about police brutality, then the content should cover events happening around the world involving individuals from various backgrounds.)

How to Be a Successful & Effective Influencer on Instagram 


Due to the large number of influencers on Instagram, you’ll need to promote your online presence in unique ways. You should have an online presence outside of Instagram.

Posted content will differ from platform to platform. What stands out on Instagram will differ from what stands out on Facebook or TikTok. Keep themes and color schemes consistent

Instagram provides users with certain insights about their followers like age, geographic location, when they are active on the platform and gender. This will help when creating a content posting schedule.

Advantages of Instagram

  • Eliminates the hassle of creating a large audience base

  • It is free to set up and post on your own Instagram account

  • Easy to maintain your own Instagram page and alter it to look how you want it to include

  • Instagram is a reliable social media platform that can be accessed anywhere in the world

  • Instagram has an audience base that is constantly growing

  • Provides simple and easy to use editing tools for manipulating both photos and videos

  • Instagram provides certain insights into your community and followers that give you information about their gender, age, location and the times when they’re most active online

Disadvantages of Instagram

  • Instagram is a large social media platform with new content being uploaded constantly which may cause audience recognition issues – this is why creating a recognizlable theme is so crucial.

(People will remember the picture/video while scrolling, they probably won’t remember your account name amongst all the others).

  • You are going to need to post effective content with concise captioning on a daily basis to ensure your Instagram account gets followers and builds a reliable audience base.

  • The technical support that Instagram provides its users with is not very good- that’s why consulting with an experienced professional is important.



Instagram’s low cost platform for posting visual content appeals to audiences from around the world. Instagram allows users to have a trusting relationship with influencers on the website.

Although being a successful influencer on Instagram is increasingly competitive, a cohesive page theme/message, memorable content, high quality photos/video posted regularly, and building an online presence on and off of Instagram will help your online influence.


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